Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"An art is the full set of your mind", you are most described by the art you draw,as you run into your own imagination with the details. Every thing you do have reason,whether you love,like,hate anything you come across you have something to express in doing it imperfectly or in perfect way.

Everything you are up to is --"your mind" -- things pop up with idea,the change you make or decorate is also your mind. The art of your life is yourself,good or bad, its your idea of mind that sets. You try to come out with reasons to make it perfectly beautiful. Every life have their own reasons to live. 

The start with positive makes you more worthy life, even if you don't know also,try to find out your work ,living etc... everything you do,make it special with imperfect than you will realize how you made it beautiful. Julia,A lady who don't know how to boil an egg when she got married,has a cook book in her life. She made it with 500+ recipes into her life. This is how you make out the worth living with positive.
The art and interest in you gives you a result of "worth living,imperfect perfectly"

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