Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The First thing in First Four Years

2010 swept away long time back,i realized i am just old by minutes and seconds but it wasn't the second and minute,It was FOUR YEARS i am still alive.
The thing in first year was -celebrating youthful time with my best friends and making it feel different.
2011- just pop up and friends went away with own destiny, new friends,new year,new time all talked with me,the lucky champ ME feels new wind blowing with lucks and tons of luck who never received before.
2012-- the new age of maturity i step in was meeting the people on my way and there are people who taught me the lesson of life,feeling i never had. The world i see with my eyes was the best than the world i see with my feelings today. The minute you pass by teaches me the different feelings,there are success,luck,happiness etc... with every second you knock by. Everyday good things happen,but we never see as we never believe happening of things with good fortune. Things happen,if you believe in it and miracles you will see  is when you realize the moments.
2014-- the First ever thing happened was " friend" who bond like family, made me to feel like i m lucky to live life!!!The first ever thing was being so LUCKY to breath in with friends who alys make me feel "live is worth with them"

~~~~~~~~####~~~~~~first time in four years,i was so touched with the feelings of my friend~~~~~~~~~~~~### FEELING LUCKY to meet them in my way -----------BLESS you !!!

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