Friday, May 16, 2014


The creation involves two sides of the nature. Water and Earth, this different element creates new object. Human, the opposite sex involves bringing up new embryo. The fortune brought by earth and water is “VASE".
The new world open up when it is fully developed and welcome by the world, after completion of the process. The painting painted on it, well shaped, so much beautiful creates the world to mesmerize and forget for a while. It is breakable and it should be brought up with love and care.
The designer of the vase can be grateful because the world starts cherishing after it is bought to an open place. The vase can be use in many ways, it’s not kept in the corner of room ideally  of the room. The Vase is known to Feng  Shui. In Chinese believe the Vase brings fortune, luck and wealth. One who treasures are the one who are blessed and if you break, the conscious  is  you lose the good fortune. The breakage is sometime counted unknowingly. The small piece of the break can be threat to your life. It is always better to keep it safe, care and beautiful like how it was beautiful when you first saw.
Whether you believe it not! It happens to you, if you realize yourself.
The color of vase can vary from design painted on it, the qualities they are made from and the shape, height etc... Everything is different. Vase can be kept anywhere but mind it! It should be under protection, where nothing can destroy it easily, even under the climatic circumstances also.
The beauty of Vase can be described, if you really look into it with your heart. The inner beauty cannot be touch but you can feel it. “An Art is its own reason"-Nora Roberts, so the creation of the Vase is not planned, it happened as we love to create with passion, no harm, therefore the creation conclude as PURE and BEAUTY.
Only thing you can see in VASE is " the kindness of motherhood”, which is beautiful whether you place it in crowd or empty room, the kindness of it is always same to the creator and it is being
 CHERISHED worldwide!

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