Saturday, June 14, 2014

feels suffocated

Its not the air that suffocate me,it's the daily life that suffocate me from breathing. The way i think,may be wrong or may be correct but some were i guess i got the right to feel it freely.
The coming days may be challenging one for everyone. The old birds r lucky as said already. The new birds may suffer to catch the worms now.

Everything rise. I feel, why is things like this!!! When you feel for something u  like,u never stop to get it where it is placed. But when another person like the one you dont like,you dont feel easy to let other one get what she/he want.

After seeing all this:; what you feel and find? I can just talk to myself,why is all this?? How to get that object?? or let it --- flow the life??

All confusing conclude me,why cant they see the way they saw for themselves?? Why cant they feel for other,what they do is right ,they choose is right,?? and what we feel,choose,is wrong???

The life is just for the person ,no one can lead your life other than yourself.. so why cant we grow to think and choose!! The life is circle,so let circle destine us as everything we do is alys destined by our own KARMA..........

Why are we restricted to feel?? Suffocating is the way i think over the result i see,i feel!!

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