Monday, January 5, 2015

new wind~2015

Its early on 1st Jan, i woke up looked into the weather forecast and just saw that it is patchy snow. I was excited and i jumped into the bed back and roll in the blanket...

it was 8:00 am when i saw that its not sunday, it was Thursday ,my working day .. and i have to drive 6km 20 mins to office ,,i rush into the bathroom,kitchen, room n get dressed and came to work.

the day starts with the eve they enjoyed..

the new year ,new wind blown with new positive and i was like dementia where all worst are washed away, new smell of freshness into me, feels something new exciting around me. The new people around me, cross by and new feelings germinating for new hope.....all new

The positive in me drags me to something i will  have in me with new experience.

~~~~the magic and miracle~~~~shows the ways to new start in 2015
all exciting hopes and feelings,,,,walks on now~~~~its 6 days moved from 365 days ~~~

all the best

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