Monday, February 23, 2015


I wonder, an unknown came into my life as a good friend and he remain good friend. From the day i met i was good and we were like siblings. I never notice after this 2 years passed.

I care myself less than how he cares, the call,mail,etc ... and we are still a good friend, sounds like my brother who care his sister. I never met anyone such in my life. A man who lost his family, he left his baby and wife before i met him.
From the day i met ,he shared all his feelings but never told how he struggle . Later, days pass by and he was so nice to me and my surrounding. I have many friends and among unknown and sudden friends i never came across like him,who just check on me ,how i m doing,did i eat or not, all concern more than myself. I wonder, whats this.....
I questioned, do you love me ??? why are you so much concern on me???  The reply i got was, 'i like you,you are kind,humble' , i don't like to marry you, you deserve more than me,  you are an angel... I am not flirting with you...

The days flew and he never go far , he told he tried to stop to concern about me like i am his girl friend, but he couldn't, we are good friend as of now..... We never thought of moving more than friend and people around me finds, we are having affairs.... but i cant stop wondering, what make him think about me, care me, concern about me...when i am his good friend.

The feelings we had are so much unrated by ourselves. we are friends but the way he talks to me or care me seems he got more than feelings of the  friend....

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