Monday, May 25, 2015

midnight artist

Everyday, i am used to with the songs sung by birds near my window before i open my eyes and my alarm snooze... It was a day that i wasn't expecting and the fren of mine just hang up my phone.
i was upset with some issues in my office and i slept early.
 I once met in march end an unknown guy , we were neighborhood if i say,our hometown....

We are born and raise in different parts of the country. At this time , we just share our pics of day that include, day capture pics except our own selfie... we just have silent msg exchange.
I was busy and we stopped exchanging for a week and later the evening,i just thought was, why are we silent, n he didn't write, so i couldn't write too...but that night,i was early to bed,he was busy n wake whole night,i guess!

Next day, i didn't hear ,birds and insects singing near my window,i open my windows and look out,it was dark to wake. I login to my net and just saw a msg pop in. Before i open the inbox,i alys guess who it might be~~ :)

The bird stop to sing, an unknown guy sung for me, "you belong to me"

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