Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The breath we breath from the day we start to develop in our  mother womb can be same. Every second you inhale and exhale, it is the most beautiful to breath along with your mother, even you don't remember at all how you breath.
The ways of your mother do outside and what you felt inside was just an dead imaginary ,sensing all without electronic. The connection build and the bond you develop with your mom was different to define. The baby, unknowing, know and feel it. The heart was the first thing you are touched by. Therefore, when we are in difficult condition, they feel for us... They are the one who knows unknowing..

In every development, it was the feeling that creates us. When we are fully developed and we are invited to experience the world, the breathing starts again, this time, we were teach, how to breath for the live with them... The day, we grow up with them, we are given to be independent. The breathing from your side is single but your parents breath are always double than yours. You never felt the breath, you tangle their life with your desires and wants. We are cunning kids for not understanding, not feeling the bond.

Later, you grew up and find you are alone to feel,depress without sharing what you like or love. Parents want what  you want and desire. Your happiness of breath is never different to them but we never sense like before. "love is blind", the love you felt,sense, understand and your breathing was so blind and peaceful,  when you didn't see... Now you are given to see , feel and breath but this time your love and breathing are completely different. The way you feel for them are different as you see your old breathing are never same. You find another feeling to start your breath. When you find new breathing, you forget your "happiness of breath". Everything change and you believe, what you love now is your real breath and later when it's direction change, you regret!!

How beautiful strong breath you got now,it shouldn't make you to avoid the breath that gave you to see the world and that breath which gave you  to enjoy the living on the earth !!

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