Friday, October 30, 2015


It was a summer of 2012, i was far from home. One day, the light went off and i was in darkest path of the way. I was confused where to go and what to do. I saw someone holding the candle on my way.
I lend for help, the person with candle said, "lets hold it together". I wasn't sure how far we can let candle burn. When my hand was tired in surrounding the light, the person used to notice i m not supporting to burn.

It was 2013, the candle still burn... and by the end of the year, it used to appear rainbow colors. The believe in me raise up with hope and wish that, the light will not go off and candle will keep on burning for eternity. The colors and rays of candle changes from one to another. I was the only one to see such power in the candle.

I used to feel, if the wax doesn't generate like it does before, how can i go further, or how can i walk in dark. The fear started to grow in my mind and i was left alone to observe the burning candle. With all fears and positive thoughts i hold myself that i will walk my self if candle refuse to burn. With all hope and wishes, i was sure that the brighter substitute of candle will replace for me to walk.
It was a fine morning, when the candle burned to its end, nothing remain then its wasted, shapeless wax, which stuck on the stand. The new day, sunrises and i can feel was, i am not alone in dark side of the way.

This time the candle i look during day time was, the one which will burn longer, will never leave dirty stain, the one with colorful from all rays.... and i am here at the SHOP !!

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