Sunday, December 4, 2016

Humanity vs Buddhsim

Humanity is being humane,kindness. Buddhism is a practice that brings you a kindness and compassion which human means.

Can i say i am human having humanity or can i say i am a buddhist practicing humanity?

The observations that I encounter  here in capital of Bhutan, Thimphu.

Humanity and Buddhism are different as they follow Buddhism and forget to practice humanity. The people in capital practices Buddhism but for what?
1. Gain attention
2. Showoff
3. Really practicing
4. Genuine

What else can you think about it?

To my statement I found out that people practices Buddhism not for humanity. The Buddhism is a practices that bring humane in human. If you practice Buddhism, humanity is develope without being doubt.

If you are that kind enough then why there is differentiation among people?
If you have such human heart of being compassionate why are there people gathered at chorten?
Why people abandon old age ones?

If you are genuine practicer of Buddhism, be genuine to help those who don't have. I felt only middle class people who survive on hand to mouth are the one who practices in tithing.

I wonder, some people or relative  visit your place feeling such closeness and that were drag out of the house. How pitiful it sound.

I felt If i am rich enough I would not mind in giving the shelter for short duration. As most visitors are just for a week.

The contradiction among Buddhism and humanity is evolved and only materalism is focused. The fear of being Buddhism is developed in me as I m outcast for being spiritual. I don't go to attain preachings but I practice spirituality of being positive.

What can the society do for abandoned people who don't have anything rather a blood bond relation who neglect them??

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