Sunday, December 4, 2016

Humanity vs Buddhsim

Humanity is being humane,kindness. Buddhism is a practice that brings you a kindness and compassion which human means.

Can i say i am human having humanity or can i say i am a buddhist practicing humanity?

The observations that I encounter  here in capital of Bhutan, Thimphu.

Humanity and Buddhism are different as they follow Buddhism and forget to practice humanity. The people in capital practices Buddhism but for what?
1. Gain attention
2. Showoff
3. Really practicing
4. Genuine

What else can you think about it?

To my statement I found out that people practices Buddhism not for humanity. The Buddhism is a practices that bring humane in human. If you practice Buddhism, humanity is develope without being doubt.

If you are that kind enough then why there is differentiation among people?
If you have such human heart of being compassionate why are there people gathered at chorten?
Why people abandon old age ones?

If you are genuine practicer of Buddhism, be genuine to help those who don't have. I felt only middle class people who survive on hand to mouth are the one who practices in tithing.

I wonder, some people or relative  visit your place feeling such closeness and that were drag out of the house. How pitiful it sound.

I felt If i am rich enough I would not mind in giving the shelter for short duration. As most visitors are just for a week.

The contradiction among Buddhism and humanity is evolved and only materalism is focused. The fear of being Buddhism is developed in me as I m outcast for being spiritual. I don't go to attain preachings but I practice spirituality of being positive.

What can the society do for abandoned people who don't have anything rather a blood bond relation who neglect them??

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The coins on count!

Why we stopped using coins??

Where did the coins went?? What if we start to use again? Did RMA collect it back???

The coins have value to earn something in economic way. If we start to reuse and it is reusable. The developed countries across have a habit to use coins and the highest denomination of USA is $100 whereby we are under-developing country and we don't have a habit of valuing a coins and even nu. 1/-.

The inflation takes places yearly,the real gdp is decreasing with increasing of nominal gdp. The money supply increases yearly. What if we start to use coins, the printing expenses  of currency may reduce somehow. Reusing may be helpful in some other way....

The value of Nu. 1 is not equal to any chocolates you get back!

Friday, October 30, 2015


It was a summer of 2012, i was far from home. One day, the light went off and i was in darkest path of the way. I was confused where to go and what to do. I saw someone holding the candle on my way.
I lend for help, the person with candle said, "lets hold it together". I wasn't sure how far we can let candle burn. When my hand was tired in surrounding the light, the person used to notice i m not supporting to burn.

It was 2013, the candle still burn... and by the end of the year, it used to appear rainbow colors. The believe in me raise up with hope and wish that, the light will not go off and candle will keep on burning for eternity. The colors and rays of candle changes from one to another. I was the only one to see such power in the candle.

I used to feel, if the wax doesn't generate like it does before, how can i go further, or how can i walk in dark. The fear started to grow in my mind and i was left alone to observe the burning candle. With all fears and positive thoughts i hold myself that i will walk my self if candle refuse to burn. With all hope and wishes, i was sure that the brighter substitute of candle will replace for me to walk.
It was a fine morning, when the candle burned to its end, nothing remain then its wasted, shapeless wax, which stuck on the stand. The new day, sunrises and i can feel was, i am not alone in dark side of the way.

This time the candle i look during day time was, the one which will burn longer, will never leave dirty stain, the one with colorful from all rays.... and i am here at the SHOP !!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


The breath we breath from the day we start to develop in our  mother womb can be same. Every second you inhale and exhale, it is the most beautiful to breath along with your mother, even you don't remember at all how you breath.
The ways of your mother do outside and what you felt inside was just an dead imaginary ,sensing all without electronic. The connection build and the bond you develop with your mom was different to define. The baby, unknowing, know and feel it. The heart was the first thing you are touched by. Therefore, when we are in difficult condition, they feel for us... They are the one who knows unknowing..

In every development, it was the feeling that creates us. When we are fully developed and we are invited to experience the world, the breathing starts again, this time, we were teach, how to breath for the live with them... The day, we grow up with them, we are given to be independent. The breathing from your side is single but your parents breath are always double than yours. You never felt the breath, you tangle their life with your desires and wants. We are cunning kids for not understanding, not feeling the bond.

Later, you grew up and find you are alone to feel,depress without sharing what you like or love. Parents want what  you want and desire. Your happiness of breath is never different to them but we never sense like before. "love is blind", the love you felt,sense, understand and your breathing was so blind and peaceful,  when you didn't see... Now you are given to see , feel and breath but this time your love and breathing are completely different. The way you feel for them are different as you see your old breathing are never same. You find another feeling to start your breath. When you find new breathing, you forget your "happiness of breath". Everything change and you believe, what you love now is your real breath and later when it's direction change, you regret!!

How beautiful strong breath you got now,it shouldn't make you to avoid the breath that gave you to see the world and that breath which gave you  to enjoy the living on the earth !!

Monday, May 25, 2015

midnight artist

Everyday, i am used to with the songs sung by birds near my window before i open my eyes and my alarm snooze... It was a day that i wasn't expecting and the fren of mine just hang up my phone.
i was upset with some issues in my office and i slept early.
 I once met in march end an unknown guy , we were neighborhood if i say,our hometown....

We are born and raise in different parts of the country. At this time , we just share our pics of day that include, day capture pics except our own selfie... we just have silent msg exchange.
I was busy and we stopped exchanging for a week and later the evening,i just thought was, why are we silent, n he didn't write, so i couldn't write too...but that night,i was early to bed,he was busy n wake whole night,i guess!

Next day, i didn't hear ,birds and insects singing near my window,i open my windows and look out,it was dark to wake. I login to my net and just saw a msg pop in. Before i open the inbox,i alys guess who it might be~~ :)

The bird stop to sing, an unknown guy sung for me, "you belong to me"

Monday, February 23, 2015


I wonder, an unknown came into my life as a good friend and he remain good friend. From the day i met i was good and we were like siblings. I never notice after this 2 years passed.

I care myself less than how he cares, the call,mail,etc ... and we are still a good friend, sounds like my brother who care his sister. I never met anyone such in my life. A man who lost his family, he left his baby and wife before i met him.
From the day i met ,he shared all his feelings but never told how he struggle . Later, days pass by and he was so nice to me and my surrounding. I have many friends and among unknown and sudden friends i never came across like him,who just check on me ,how i m doing,did i eat or not, all concern more than myself. I wonder, whats this.....
I questioned, do you love me ??? why are you so much concern on me???  The reply i got was, 'i like you,you are kind,humble' , i don't like to marry you, you deserve more than me,  you are an angel... I am not flirting with you...

The days flew and he never go far , he told he tried to stop to concern about me like i am his girl friend, but he couldn't, we are good friend as of now..... We never thought of moving more than friend and people around me finds, we are having affairs.... but i cant stop wondering, what make him think about me, care me, concern about me...when i am his good friend.

The feelings we had are so much unrated by ourselves. we are friends but the way he talks to me or care me seems he got more than feelings of the  friend....

Monday, January 5, 2015

new wind~2015

Its early on 1st Jan, i woke up looked into the weather forecast and just saw that it is patchy snow. I was excited and i jumped into the bed back and roll in the blanket...

it was 8:00 am when i saw that its not sunday, it was Thursday ,my working day .. and i have to drive 6km 20 mins to office ,,i rush into the bathroom,kitchen, room n get dressed and came to work.

the day starts with the eve they enjoyed..

the new year ,new wind blown with new positive and i was like dementia where all worst are washed away, new smell of freshness into me, feels something new exciting around me. The new people around me, cross by and new feelings germinating for new hope.....all new

The positive in me drags me to something i will  have in me with new experience.

~~~~the magic and miracle~~~~shows the ways to new start in 2015
all exciting hopes and feelings,,,,walks on now~~~~its 6 days moved from 365 days ~~~

all the best