Friday, August 8, 2014

Compassion VS Human

People are said to be more smart,intelligent and have brain but why can't they be little more in feelings. They always say,"compassion"!Does they really feel deep in their heart?? Where is the compassion in them?? Is it just a word to maintain the stage for them to stand??
What is compassion?? People generally say compassion but they really don't have feelings to feel. If there were compassion,why they fight themselves??why they stand against for the feelings of  what other feels!! The real compassion in human happens when they got reason and when they only remember their own valuable.
I once never thought that i should value myself,i lost minutes,seconds who never felt for myself wasting but felt for other's fulfillment. In this world people talks lot about compassion but how many are there NON_VEG in this world??? How can u figure out ,how many feel and know the meaning of  compassion ??? If you feel,you could have felt of others too. The pain you see with an animals are same like us. When you play wipe on stallion,you may not feel the pain.So imagine,you as stallion who just got beaten! How do you feel??
When you roast a chicken in picnic camp,you will have pleasure to dine,enjoy,think it's you who is being punished and have to keep your hand on lamp!How do you feel?? Can you imagine how it brun by ??
So when you torture the pig with sword,you must be feeling proud... The feelings you have that time isnt counted but the meaning of compassion brings you here. IF you are little more than them,who cant talk but feels well,think great and know well meaning of compassion.
The pain when your  little finger get cut,you treat it like you had a lot of pain which cant stop till the end,now you compare about the animals you enjoy after they are being killed. I feel, the real meaning of compassion is taught by an animals rather than humans.
The thousands of devotee to different GURUS,at the end we see is they cant survive with compassion. The most suffocating humans are the one who define the compassion and eat meat,against one another,ego,etc.....
The best way to learn and know the meaning of compassion is "LIVE with an animal" ,the real meaning of compassion can be taught to you is by the one who can't talk but who feels and understand more than us.
An animals can be  the form of deities who came to teach compassion,love and kindness but we have treated wrongly. Therefore we are cursed to be in hell with suffering,whether we are born to the royal blood or salve blood we suffer in the circle of live. We being rich or poor the suffering always accompany us.
I conclude here "the compassion,is one who can feel and understand more without saying a word, felt the pain they have is yours"
--- by Tshering Daza..Girl who belong in the world of  herself,princess to herself!

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